How We Obtain Our Old Clay Bricks for Sale

Old World Bricks has built our collection of pavers and cobblestones from a variety of sources, including old brick buildings and walls, brick streets and pathways, and cobblestone streets and pathways. How do we obtain the old clay bricks for sale in our inventory? We work with contractors, municipalities, demolition crews, and others to extract our reclaimed brick veneer and street pavers from demolition sites using a careful process. The steps to this process are as follows:

  1. A building, street, or pathway is scheduled for demolition
  2. Contractors obtain all necessary permits
  3. Demolition takes place
  4. Bricks or cobblestones are separated and removed
  5. Bricks or cobblestones are transported to Old World Bricks

Available Reclaimed Materials

Old World Bricks offers a wide selection of pavers and cobblestones, including:

  • Hocking Valley bricks
  • Pavers from the Metropolitan Brick Company
  • Purington pavers
  • Standard, old world, and radical clinkers
  • Plantation bricks
  • Chicago bricks
  • Boston Red bricks
  • Thin reclaimed brick veneers
  • Granite cobblestones

Uses for Our Cobblestones and Old Clay Bricks for Sale

Our reclaimed veneer bricks, street pavers, and granite cobblestones can be used in a myriad of residential and commercial projects. Build a charming driveway using antique granite cobblestones, a sophisticated walkway using Boston Red bricks, or a whimsical fireplace surround with old world clinkers. Other project ideas include:

  • Outdoor firepits
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Feature or accent walls
  • Outdoor fountains
  • Resurfacing your home’s veneer
  • Pool surrounds

Whether you are interested in a historic, reclaimed brick veneer for your home, or in antique cobblestones for a one-of-a-kind garden pathway, Old World Bricks has an excellent selection of quality reclaimed materials for you to choose from. Get a quote online with our easy-to-use form. We also buy your old clay bricks for sale. If you have an upcoming demolition project, please contact us at 317-695-4643. We buy bricks in quantities of 25,000 or more and cobblestones in quantities of 2,000 or more. There is no minimum for sellers in the Indianapolis, IN, area.